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You would like to rent your apartment in Paris and be able to keep it as well , to come a few times during the year? Stop searching! "Habitat Parisien" will deal with it: Our company become the tenant and your only contact. Your benefits: no agency fees, no management fees, and plus:

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You can stay in your apartment while notifying in advance the dates you want to reserve (except the weeks at the end of the year, and 5/6 weeks maximum per year). In that case, your stay will be deducted from the rent according to prorata temporis.


Maintain and controlled by ourselves each weeks, "Habitat Parisien", is the only responsible for good condition of your apartment.


The technical controls and the maintenance of your property are provided by professional technicians of "Habitat Parisien


Each months you get a fix rent, and avoid weeks or months unoccupied, then without rent. No default risk, or no risk of tenant occupying the property without permission, because we are a company and we are registered to one head office.


You don't have to respond to different agencies on the phone or by email, or resend contracts signed by fax or scanning, or to fear a cancellation.

We Manage

Of course, we manage these tasks: Linking with the tenants, Check in, Handing over the keys, Indication of functioning, The assistance to the tenant during his trip, Payment of the balance and of the deposit, Cleaning, We provide, clean, and iron all the household linen.